KoKo’s Dog Parking Signs for Subiaco

Buy Dog Parking Signs Subiaco


Dog Parking Signs for Subiaco Shops, Cafes and Businesses

now available.

Attract new and ongoing customers by:

  • Providing them with a shaded place to secure their dog
  • Add to the colour and vibrancy of our streets
  • Showing you are part of Subiaco

$40 (incl GST)

Phone Helen on 93821250

Email helen@intouchphysio.com.au


  1. Wall attachment – in safety away from pedestrians and road
  2. Plantar Box – easily placed
  3. Vertical versions for poles 

I saw a need for these secure “tie-up” places as we would walk past some shops which had nowhere for me to wait. I’m not happy next to a stinky rubbish bin in excessive cold, rain or heat. Please purchase a sign and help the owners of 2000¬†dogs in Subiaco¬† help your business! Woofs from KoKo Harry Potter